March 2011

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Ciao, readers! I am the National Wine Educator of the Month for the Society of Wine Educators. The Society is posting a series of my articles, pertaining to wine educators – but if you ask me, there are gems in there for everyone to enjoy. This week’s article is about the many benefits (for educator and client alike) of incorporating the local wine scene into wine education activities. So get in the car and explore your territory! Here is the article link.


Greetings, my friends! My hands have been full with exciting new projects on several fronts, but I am still here! In fact, this month, I am honored to have been chosen as the Society of Wine Educators’ National Educator of the Month. Once a week, for the next four weeks, I will be sharing an article of mine with the Society — and with you, my esteemed readers.

This week’s article is about being proud of our many sides, and not being afraid to showcase all that we are, even in perceived “niche” professions. Whether or not you are a wine educator, apply these tips to your own personal and professional branding! As always, I enjoy your comments so please feel free to share. Click here to view the full article.