Welcome to Grapes and Gusto


Welcome to Grapes and Gusto

Welcome to Grapes and Gusto, the blog about living a rich, authentic, and mouthwatering life – heavily accented by notable wines, memorable meals, exhilarating travels, and other creative adventures of the five senses.

Through this blog, I look forward to sharing a slice –not a skimpy sliver, but a big, luscious slice – of life using wine as the tool of choice to enhance life’s other pleasures. From an appreciation of culture and the arts, to the spicy ventures found by traveling, to those quiet moments staying in, musing on our lives and Main Purpose – wine is there as a trusted partner…with its soulmate – captivating cuisine, of many sorts.

So stay tuned as this blog unveils a chronicle of good living, the pursuit of depth and abundance, some unabashed hedonism, and a pulse on current trends, products, events and experiences. I invite you to actively join me on this journey, and participate with your comments, suggestions, stories and must-try recommendations.

Here’s to a life of pleasure without measure; a life of Grapes and Gusto!




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  1. ruehermel’s avatar

    now i am seriously hungry and thirsty… seriously hungryyyyyyyy and thirstyyyyyyyyy maybe some hot curry dish and sauvignon blanc with tandoori chicken on the side hmmmmmmmmmm love the ideas yer auntielaurel!


  2. Gilat Ben-Dor’s avatar

    Thanks, Laurel. A nice Indian curry – or my favorite: Thai curry – sounds delicious right now, with a great bottle of well-chilled Riesling, or I’ll gladly sip the Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect in this heat.


  3. ruehermel’s avatar

    well as you know i hang in paris a great part of the time, and this is seriously rose season, bandol rose is the one i am familiar with, domaine tempier i think was the name of the vintner that kermit lynch imported. can you recommend some other roses ? now that the summer has finally arrived on the east coast!!!!